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John Rull & Associates specialize in providing parole board and corrections department re-entry services and legal representation for Massachusetts state and county inmates and parolees.

Attorney Rull has over 30 years of front line experience in the state prison system. He understands the re-entry challenges faced by inmates and parolees and the supervision plans necessary to promote successful reintegration into society. Attorney Rull provides his clients with expert, credible advocacy and legal representation before the Massachusetts Parole Board and Department of Correction authorities.

Associates include former parole board staff, mental health professionals and former district attorneys. John Rull & Associates is committed to promoting the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders whose parole release and parole retention in the community is compatible with public safety and the welfare of society.

Attorney John Rull

Massachusetts Department of Correction (1976-2009)

  • Deputy Superintendent

  • Captain Bridgewater Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous

  • Lieutenant MCI-Cedar Junction at Walpole

  • Director of Contract Pre-Release Programs

  • Deputy Director of Central Classification

  • Chairperson Department Classification Board

  • Senior Counselor Norfolk Reception Diagnostic Center

During his 33 year career with the Massachusetts Department of Correction, Attorney Rull held leadership positions in all security levels, from commitment to release, including classification and treatment, security operations, administration and management. Attorney Rull has unique expertise in assessing the security, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration needs of state prison inmates with specialized experience in segregation, protective custody, substance abuse and sex offender treatment. Attorney Rull has been practicing law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1990 and specializes in representing inmates and parolees before the Massachusetts Parole Board and Department of Correction.



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